Cyberpunk 2077’s data hacked in February has started to circulate online

Cyberpunk 2077's data hacked in February has started to circulate online

Yes! The data from SD Peojekt Red that was hacked in February has started to circulate on the internet. It includes information about their employees, their games(including Cyberpunk 2077, The Witcher 3, etc.), and the contractors that were working with them.

This news was confirmed by CD Projekt Red in twitter post which they wrote that we want to provide some updates about the February security breach of CD Projekt Red. They said that the data hacked about four months ago has now started to circulate online.

According to CD Projekt Red, although, they are not able to confirm the exact content of data. The CD Projekt Red further said that although they can’t confirm whether he hacked data has been manipulaed or not. However, they are working with some important service providers and institutions to solve this problem.

At the end, they said that they will do any thing to protect the data of their employes, their games and the companies that have worked with them. As far as the details of this data breach are confirmed, it took place in the February of this year. At that time, the CD Projekt Red conlfirmed this news by saying that some unknown entities have got access into their internal and have stolen some data.

At February DC Project Red said that they will not fullfil any demand of attackers. The hacked data was then auctioned on the dark web. However, the later news shown that the attackers have successfully sold the hacked data to some third party outside the auction.

At that time, it wasn’t clear that the attackers have actually sold the data or they are just using the statement of selling the data outside the auction as an excuse. An excuse for not being able to monitize the hacked data. And now that data has started to circulate online which is confirmed by CD Project Red in this tweet:

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