Here is all you need to know about the 2021 iPad Pro

Here is all you need to know about the 2021 iPad Pro
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Yes! Apple is going to launch the 2021 iPad Pro. The 2021 iPad Pro will come with the M1 chip. This news was announced in a virtual event on Tuesday. An important thing to mention here is that this is the same chip that Apple has recently used in Macbook Air. Now, what are the advantages of using this chip? The 2021 iPad Pro will come with an 8 core CPU and an 8 core GPU. And according to Apple, they will increase the CPU efficiency by up to 50% and the GPU efficiency up to 40% as compared to the previous chip.

Along with the new M1 chip, Apple has also added several other features in the 2021 iPad Pro. And we will be discussing those features later in this article. One thing that is clear till now is that the 2021 iPad Pro is going to be super powerful. And you will be able to use this iPad for any purpose like for video editing, for video calls, for photography, etc. Now let’s talk about some amazing features that this new iPad Pro will have.

An XDR Display:

After inserting the M1 chip, the addition of an XDR is the second most important feature that Apple has added to the 2021 iPad Pro. The 2021 iPad Pro will be available in two different sizes – an 11 inches size and a 12.9 inches size. Now an important thing to mention here is that the XDR display will be available only in the 12.9 inches size. While the 11 inches model will come with a simple liquid retina display. Overall, the displays offer a 120Hz of refresh rate which is another cool thing.

According to Apple, the 2021 iPad Pro will come with a mini LED technology. This mini LED technology will result in the improvement of contrast ratios and it makes the display look similar to an OLED display. Furthermore, the XDR display will come with a thousand nits of full-screen brightness and sixteen hundred nits of peak brightness which is pretty amazing. And overall, there are a total of around 10,000 LEDs that greatly contribute to the display quality.

More data transfer speed & 5G support:

Another great feature of the 2021 iPad Pro is that it comes with 5G support and provides you with more data transfer speed. For that purpose, the 2021 iPad Pro comes with a thunderbolt and USB-4 capable USB-C port. That not only allows you to transfer a large amount of data, it also allows you to connect multiple devices.

Another cool feature that the 2021 iPad Pro providing you is that it comes with 5G support. The 2021 iPad Pro is also capable of using the millimetre 5G wave. According to Apple, with the help of 5G technology, you can achieve up to 4GB/second of internet speed which is pretty cool.

Centre Stage Feature:

The 2021 iPad Pro also provides you with the centre stage feature. The front camera is about 12 MP and its overall quality is pretty good. And with the help of the centre stage feature, you can get a far better video calling and meeting experience. The centre stage feature uses machine learning capabilities and it does a very good job of keeping all the users centred in the frame.

The camera also has the ability to adjust itself according to the user’s position. It can also detect multiple users at a time. And therefore, greatly contribute to the smoothness of your video-calling experience.

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Price and Release Date: 

When it comes to the price, the 11 inches iPad Pro(with 128GB storage) will cost you around $799 while the 12.9 inches iPad Pro will cost you around $1099. But if we look at the price of the top class version, the one with 2TB storage, then that will cost you around $2399. Although the 2TB version becomes quite pricier, with that one, you can do everything and I mean everything. You will not face any kind of storage problem or anything else.

As far as the release date is concerned, the 2021 iPad Pro will be available for pre-orders starting from 30th April 2021. And it will be available for sale in the second half of May.

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