Mark Zuckerberg revealed that he has Bitcoin

Mark Zuckerberg revealed that he has Bitcoin

Recently, in a Facebook post, Mark Zuckerberg revealed that he owns Bitcoin. In his recent post, he added a picture of his two goats and captioned it “My goats: Max and Bitcoin.” Later on, that post became viral and received a ton of engagement. Mark Zuckerberg’s recent post crossed 1.3M Likes, etc., and about 3 Lac comments.

Mark Zuckerberg's latest post
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Along with revealing that Mark Zuckerberg owns Bitcoin, this post also shows his views toward cryptocurrency and its feature. This post shows that unlike some other famous entrepreneur like Warren Buffet, etc., Mark Zukerberg supports cryptocurrencies and their future. In the crypto world, Mark Zuckerberg’s views are quite similar to Elon Musk although they have different thoughts about some other fields like space and artificial intelligence.

Elon Musk and Zuckerberg also had a quarrel when a Facebook Satellite was destroyed by the explosion of SpaceX’s rocket. Elon Musk also mocked Mark Zuckerberg over his views about artificial intelligence. Mark Zuckerberg supports the idea of artificial intelligence while Elon Musk says that there should be some kind of rules and regulations for artificial intelligence.

After Zuckerberg’s recent post, there were a lot of talks going on Twitter about cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin.

As for the final words, it’s amazing to see that another billionaire is interested in the future of cryptocurrency. And it will definitely help cryptocurrencies to grow further.

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