NASA has launched two new missions to Venus

NASA has launched two new missions to Venus

After sending a perseverance rover to Mars, NASA has announced two new missions to Venus. These two new missions are named DAVINCI+ and VERITAS. As far as their time of launch is concerned, these two missions are expected to launch at the end of this decade, most likely between 2028-2030.

This news was announced by NASA in a Twitter post saying that they are going to announce two new missions in order to study the Venus planet. NASA further said that DAVINCI+ will be focused on analyzing the Venus atmosphere while VERITAS will map the Venus surface.

DAVINCI+ will collect information about the evolution of Planet Venus and the causes behind it. The VERITAS mission will collect information about the history of the planet Venus and what is currently happening on its surface. It will gather information about the volcanoes and earthquakes that were recently happening on its surface and will find that whether they are currently happening or not.

Bill Nelson, who is the current administrator of NASA said that these missions will let us know about how this planet became an infernolike world that can even melt lead at the surface. He further said that these missions will provide the entire science community a chance to study a planet we haven’t been to for 30 years.

For sending these missions to Venus, some other Aerospace centers and Agencies will also help NASA. These include the Italian Space Agency, France’s Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales, and the German Aerospace Center. These institutes and agencies will help NASA by providing Radar and some other parts.

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