Some major updates in the upcoming iPhone lineups

So here are some major updates/changes in the upcoming iPhone lineups:

Major updates about the iPhone mini versions:

According to the reports, Apple will include the mini version in the upcoming iPhone 13. However, they will be very limited in numbers. And the main reason behind that is the failure in the sales of the iPhone 12 mini. It shows that there are small numbers of people who currently like the mini iPhones. Although, the iPhone 13 is expected to come with a limited stock of the iPhone mini version. However, it is being said that the iPhone 14 and the remaining ones will not come with the mini versions.

So with what versions the iPhone 14 and the remaining ones are expected to come with? Well, the iPhone 14 and the remaining ones are expected to come with two 6.7 inches models and two 6.1 inches models. And just like now, two out of them will be the pro models while the other two will be the non-pro models.

Some changes in the iPhone 13:

Leaked iPhone 13 render
image credit: 91mobiles

As for the overall design, there isn’t any major change in the design of the iPhone 13 except the smaller notch. Some leaked renders have shown a smaller notch without any major change in design. The pro versions of the iPhone 13 are expected to be a little bit thicker. The iPhone3 lineup will come with a 120Hz refresh rate which also gives an indication about a large-sized battery. So these are some major changes in the upcoming iPhone 13 lineup. However, you will see some big big improvements in the 2022 lineup.

Major camera and video updates: 

Apple is also going to make some big improvements in the upcoming iPhone models. Apple’s strategy about improving the camera quality is pretty clear and they will be going with the individual bigger pixel size. But if we talk about Apple’s major competitor(Samsung), then they have currently adopted a different strategy for improving the camera quality. Samsung is actually interested in going with the high megapixel numbers while Apple wanna go with the individual bigger pixel size.

As far as the camera specs are concerned, the 2022 iPhone are expected to come with a 48-megapixel camera having a 2.5um pixel size. Although, Samsung and Apple currently have very different strategies regarding the improvement of camera quality. But, it is being said the Samsung may follow Apple and will go with the individual bigger pixel size rather than crazy high megapixel numbers.

Now, let’s talk about the video recording. With the iPhone’s 2022 model, you will be able to record videos on 8k which is amazing. If you’re somebody who is a fan of under-display Face ID, then there is a good news for you. Because according to the reports, Apple is going to include the under-display Face ID in the 2023 iPhone Models.

So that is all from Some major updates in the upcoming iPhone models. We hope you have enjoyed reading this article and you may also like: Which are the best mechanical gaming keyboard under 100

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