The wireless headphones that don’t need to be charged

The wireless headphones that don't need to be charged
image credit: Urbanista

We all know that the trend of wireless technologies has been increasing day by day. Although, wireless devices provide you with more freedom. but the thing that really sucks about them is that you need to charge them periodically. But Urbanista is going to solve this problem at least in the headset’s world. They are going to manufacture a headset that can last forever without charging.

Basically, this headset uses light for charging purposes(solar and all other forms of light). Now you may be thinking that if this headset provides everlasting battery life, then it may lack some other features. No! It will come with all those amazing features that a decent headset should have. This headset will provide you with different ambient sound modes and also active noise cancellation.

As discussed before that this headset uses solar and other types of light for charging purposes. And if you’re wearing these headsets for 1 hour in sunlight, then they will provide you with three hours of more battery life. While if you are using them for 1 hour in normal light, then they will provide you with two hours of more battery life.

Besides this, these headsets will also include a strong 50 hours of battery back-up that will help you if you have to remain at a dark place for some time. Along with charging them through light, you can also charge these headsets via a USB cable that comes along with them. As far as the price is concerned, these Urbanista’s headset will set you back around $199, which is pretty cool.

And if we compare the price to value or compare these headsets to other ones in the market, then Urbanista seems to do a very good job. Although, Urbanistan hasn’t yet mentioned the releasing date of these headsets. But we hope that they will be out in the market soon. To speed up the manufacturing process, Urbanista has also collaborated with a Swedish company known as Exeger that will help Urbanista in this journey.

Exeger is also a Swedish-based company and its main objective is to fulfil the world’s energy demands by taking energy from light. We hope that Urbanista will soon launch this amazing product or will give some other details about it.

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