Twitter and Instagram have blamed glitches for the deletion of Palestinian posts

Twitter and Instagram have blamed glitches for the deletion of Palestinian posts
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Recently, many posts were deleted from Twitter and Instagram regarding the eviction of Palestinians from East Jerusalem. People protesting on these social platforms found that some of their posts and even accounts are being deleted starting last week. Basically, it happened when the Palestinians living in Sheikh Jarrah headed toward social media to protest against their eviction.

The problem was diagnosed when 7amleh, a non-profit organization focused on enabling Arab Civil Society and Palestinians to effectively utilize the tools of digital advocacy, received more than two hundred complaints about the deletion of posts related to Sheikh Jarrah. An advocacy advisor at 7amleh named Mona Shtaya said that Instagram mostly blocked the content related to Palestinian eviction while Twitter also deleted some accounts tweeting about it.

In response to that, both social media platforms said that the accounts were suspended because of some problems in our automated systems. Later on, they said that the issue has been resolved and the deleted content has been restored. Instagram further said that it was an error and it wasn’t their intent whatsoever.

Along with 7amleh, several other non-profit organizations responded by saying that both social media platforms should use transparent moderation policies and that they should be more open when take-downs happen. Marwa Fatafta, who is the North Africa policy advisor for Access Now told Thomson Reuters Foundation that the issue wasn’t solved. She further said that they are demanding clarity on this censorship and the system glitches will be no longer accepted as an excuse.

The users affected by these problems also include Hind Khoudary, who is a twenty-five years old Palestinian journalist based in Turkey. She noticed that some of her Instagram archives related to Sheikh Jarrah were not loading. Later on, she told Thomson Reuters Foundation that some of her posts got restored while the others didn’t.

Besides her, some other people also shared their opinions about this problem. Jillian York, the director for international freedom of expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation said that moderation is on rise and that it’s really a blunt object. She further said that these companies pay more attention to regions where there are larger markets and they ignore the cultural context like Palestine where there is less profit.

And the content that doesn’t violate the policies of these platforms also gets removed by the automated tools.

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