Is apple car going to disturb the car market??? | apple car releasing date

Is apple car going to disturb the car market
This is a dummy image and it doesn’t reflects the actual design of Apple Car

Apple car Introduction:

So here is Apple’s new invention called the apple car. Apple is mostly known for its smartphones and computer accessories. But now, Apple is also working on manufacturing the most luxurious car. In this article, we will be completely looking into the “apple car” project, what will be its effects on the car industry and the apple car releasing date. The apple car project is no more a secret now.

Since Apple is known for its sleek design, therefore the apple car is also expected to be quite sleek. There will be no non-renewable fuel in it. Apple is working on manufacturing the most advanced car under the project codenamed “Project Titan”. This project started in 2014 after approval by Tim Cook who came after Steve Jobs.

Main Features:

According to the reports, it will be the most advanced technological car ever made. this car is expected to come with a lot of technology integrated into it. This vehicle will have deep integration with IOS. Apple has been working on manufacturing an electric car for years. And currently, there are almost 5000 engineers working on this project. Initially, Apple was just working on a system that should be applied in cars in order to convert them into smart cars.

Apple’s working was quite slow at the initial stages and the other manufacturers started making their own smart cars. And this is where the idea to design a system changed into a complete car project. The main concern while manufacturing an electric car is its batteries. In an electric car, a battery is the most expensive single component. And according to reports, Apple is working to make long-lasting and efficient batteries but at a cheaper price.

Apple is working to make as efficient batteries as Tesla has. The state of California allowed Apple to have 27 self-driving cars running on public roads. The sunroof can also be introduced with AI which will help to adapt weather control and control the light. Apple also has ways to make the inside of the car bright. These ways range from fibre optic to an interior lighting system. It is expected that it will come with virtual reality assisted displays and improved sensors. The headlight system in apple car will be able to detect road hazards through enhanced sensors.

It will also have an anti-glare system that will provide you with comfortable driving by adjusting the light and reflections. In order to provide keyless entry, the ultra-wideband radios which were included in the iPhone 11 will be used. And just like many other devices, the apple car can be connected to the apple watch and smartphones. And you will be able to monitor the car from remote places. As far as the battery life is concerned, it is expected to cover 400 to 500 miles with a single charge.

The apple car will have built-in security for cyber attacks. The automatic braking and auto-pilot can open cars up to hackers. But just like many other Apple devices, the apple car will provide great security against hacker attack. It will also feature eye-tracking technology through which you will be able to access some features by just looking at the instrument. If Apple becomes able to put all these features into the car, it will definitely give a money run to its competitors.

Apple car Releasing Date:

Initially, Apple was working on this project slowly. But in 2018, Apple started working on it quite aggressively. 1n 2018, Apple hired Dougfield to lead the project. And it’s expected that we will be able to see an apple car in 2024.

Effects on the car industry:

Regardless of what some people think about Apple, we have to accept that there is a big audience there who like Apple products. There is no doubt that apple car can give a tough competition to other manufacturers such as Ford, Tesla, etc. When looking at the present times, the biggest competitor to apple car will be Tesla. In recent years, we have seen record growth in Tesla making Elon Musk the richest man in the world. Although Apple once had a chance to buy Tesla, but Apple actually missed it.

elon musk tweet about selling tesla to apple

As shown in the above tweet, Elon Musk once reached out to Apple in order to sell Tesla for almost 1/10 of the current value. But Apple missed it. Now the conditions are different. Although It took tesla a lot of time to overcome its production problems, but now it’s in the game. Apple will have to rely on the outside manufacturer to build the one just like their smartphones. For that, Apple has done collaborations with different international companies in order to get best and efficient results.

According to BBC, Apple has recently done a collaboration with Hyundai. Hyundai also benefitted a lot from this collaboration and Hyundai’s share price rose more than 20%. Apple also reached out to BMW and has its research laboratory in Berlin. Although Apple has increased its work on the project, it’s still going to take a large amount of time. The main reason why Apple stepped into the car industry is that it’s a very large industry when compared to smartphones. Apple needs to have only a 2% share of the automobile market in order to match its complete smartphone business.

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